The Kryptonite Challange – will  be the toughest, muddiest, most strenuous and extreme obstacle course event with 30 – 40 crazy mad obstacles. This event is designed to put your strength, stamina, mental grit, persistence and resilience to the test. We recommend that you are part of a team so team-mates can assist one another when attempting some of the awesome obstacles and the massive task of completing this military style obstacle course. Just think about helping your team members covered in mud, clambering up, over,  through and across the course will surely be the most fun, laughs and best day out a team of mates could have. If you don’t wish to attempt an obstacle then just miss it out and move on to the next. If you’re not part of a team we will be putting lots of teams together at the event or you could attempt the course solo OR even enter the Man or Woman of Steel race for a chance of winning  $500 CASH and the magnificent Kryptonite trophy!!!


Think you have what it takes to get around the kryptonite challenge course in a super fast lightning speed time?

No team just you and the obstacles some of them made harder and more extreme for you super fit challengers.This man of steel challenge is separate to the kryptonite team challenge and will be a race against time.

To get your hands on $500 in cash and be the first to get your name on the kryptonite man of steel trophy just be the fastest around the kryptonite course completing every obstacle on the way around.

All challengers must be over the age of 18 years old.


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The Kryptonite Challenge is an extreme obstacle course
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